The former Integrys Energy Group and its operating companies were recently acquired and now do business as WEC Energy Group. Suppliers and individuals seeking employment may use the links below to find information about working with Michigan Gas Utilities, Minnesota Energy Resources, North Shore Gas, Peoples Gas and Wisconsin Public Service.

For Supplier Reps

We consider suppliers an important part of our continuing effort in searching out new materials, new services, new ideas and suggestions as a means to lower costs through better value.

Visits - Communications

Suppliers and contractors need to initiate their first contact through the Supply Chain Services Department. Supply Chain Services may at that time direct you to other departments for further evaluation and consideration. Subsequent contacts may be made directly with those departments regarding quality, specifications, inspections, service, technical support and product development. Simply keep the Supply Chain Services Representatives informed of progress in such contacts and maintain periodic contact with Supply Chain Services.

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Purchasing Responsibilities

Supply Chain Services functions as an agent for the company and, as such, has sole responsibility for consummating purchasing commitments. Any prior negotiations, communications and agreements between the supplier and the company are subject to this agency function.

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Purchasing Policy

Our purchasing objectives are to procure, in a reasonable and economical manner, all equipment, materials, supplies and services required to construct, improve, operate and maintain the company's facilities and to maintain the reliability of the company's electric and natural gas service to the consumer. The Supply Chain Services Department has the responsibility to be informed of the actual or potential procurement requirements of the company, to control the financial commitments, to negotiate within the procurement function, and for commercial relations of a procurement nature with suppliers. Included in these responsibilities are:

  • The assurance that sound judgment is exercised for the basic procurement variables of quality, quantity, sources of supply, delivery and price.
  • The continuing evaluation of new sources of supply and assisting user departments in finding new products and new processes.
  • The fostering and retention of good supplier relations through fair and ethical dealings and recognizing the need for research and development.
  • The communication of market and business conditions to other company personnel.
  • The development of an awareness that effective procurement contributes to the company's success.

Therefore, the company expects the necessary assistance from its suppliers in reaching these purchasing objectives. The supplier will maintain an on-going dialogue regarding current market conditions, price trends, product improvements and any other developments that might contribute to our efforts in obtaining goods and services at competitive prices. Suppliers are also expected to use fair and ethical practices when dealing with the company.

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Supplier Selection and Bidding

Our policy is to deal only with dependable and responsible suppliers and contractors and to pay a fair market price for the goods and services required. The company will consider qualified suppliers and contractors who wish to bid on company requirements. Some of the factors to be considered (whenever applicable) are:

  • Financial responsibility
  • Technical competence
  • Production capacity
  • Reasonable proximity
  • Labor relations record
  • Ability to provide parts and service
  • Quality assurance
  • Delivery and service performance

If you are interested in being considered for bidding on events for services or materials which we plan to purchase, information about your company is required prior to becoming a bidder. Our bid opportunities are by invitation only, so you will need to register in order to be considered. Register on our secure supplier site and submit the information requested. After registration, you will receive an email with your Login user ID and password. You will be able to access your completed registration at any time to update your profile.

Please Note: Registering as a bidder enables your company to be considered, but does not guarantee inclusion in sourcing events nor does it constitute an obligation on the company's part to purchase products or services from your company.

If you are an existing supplier, you do not need to follow the bidder registration process above.

If you have questions, please email us.

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Existing Suppliers

If you are an existing Supplier who has been set up as an eSupplier* please use the following training guides to assist you in navigating within eSupplier Connection.

* eSupplier provides suppliers self-service through an internet-based portal giving access to maintain business information, view and bid on events, view purchase order activity as well as other functionality. To become an eSupplier you must be an existing supplier and have the company set up eSupplier access. Please contact your buyer to initiate this process.

If you are an existing eSupplier, please login at Peoplesoft eSupplier Connection

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Existing eSettlement Suppliers

If you are an existing Supplier who has been set up for eSettlements*, please use the following training guide to assist you in navigating within eSettlements.

* eSettlements is a PeopleSoft module that enables high volume suppliers to enter their invoices directly into our PeopleSoft Payables system. This allows real-time collaboration with Accounts Payable throughout the invoice-to-payment process.

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Competitive Pricing and Practices

The company recognizes the value of material supply sources and welcomes inquiries from new suppliers and contractors of demonstrated ability. Requests to be qualified as a bidder shall be directed to the Supply Chain Services Department of WEC Business Services, the shared services organization of WEC Energy Group. Selection of acceptable bidders will be accomplished jointly by Supply Chain Services and the appropriate internal team. Performance in the areas of quality, service, and delivery will be of overriding importance in the evaluation. Suppliers who fail to maintain acceptable standards of performance will be advised of this fact and may be removed from the company's list of bidders.

We solicit confidential written bids from qualified suppliers and contractors when practical. The decision to apply the competitive bidding process to an individual purchase is dependent on the value, quantity and availability of material and services as well as the design, performance requirements and degree of competition available. The formal bidding procedure, therefore, may be waived as warranted by these conditions as well as for emergencies and small-value items.

Bid requests will contain the necessary specifications, drawings, technical data, etc. All suppliers and contractors will be given identical information, including a bidding deadline. It is expected that your best price will be quoted. Bids should be on a firm basis or must contain sufficient data to allow for a thorough analysis and competitive evaluation of any variables. Alternate proposals may be considered, but bidders should bid in accordance with basic specifications first.

Bid openings are private, and pricing and proposal data is kept confidential. The company reserves the right to reject any or all bids. After receipt of a Purchase Order, the supplier should direct all subsequent communications about deliveries, invoicing and related matters to Supply Chain Services, with reference to the purchase order number.

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Federal Acquisition Regulations

We provide goods and services to the United States Government, and therefore is a Prime Contractor. Per the terms and conditions of our Federal contracts, Integrys Energy Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries (the "Integrys Companies") must include certain FAR clauses in all acquisition subcontracts.

See all applicable FAR Clauses.

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Office Hours

Suppliers may feel free to telephone or meet with us in person during our normal business hours, from 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. CST Monday through Friday. Although appointments are not required, an advance telephone call helps ensure that the person you want to see is available.

Upon arrival at our offices, please register with the receptionist. The receptionist will notify the appropriate individual and indicate the estimated waiting period if he or she is not immediately available. The telephone in the waiting room is for your convenience; please feel free to use it. Instructions for making calls inside and outside the company can be obtained from the receptionist.

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Gift and Entertainment Policy

We realize that most gifts are intended only as expressions of appreciation and goodwill. Some, however, are of a value that could bring into question either the intent of the donor or the effect on the recipient. Obviously such doubt needs to be avoided. It has, therefore, become our policy not to accept gifts or favors from past, current or prospective suppliers.

Business luncheons with company representatives are acceptable when they provide a means of facilitating normal business objectives. General or incidental hospitality, such as at business conventions, is acceptable in moderation and when it is a constructive means of expanding contacts, association and insight. Good judgment is essential in determining whether or not the above are acceptable.

We ask your cooperation in maintaining this mutually beneficial relationship by observing the spirit and intent of this policy.

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