The former Integrys Energy Group and its operating companies were recently acquired and now do business as WEC Energy Group. Suppliers and individuals seeking employment may use the links below to find information about working with Michigan Gas Utilities, Minnesota Energy Resources, North Shore Gas, Peoples Gas and Wisconsin Public Service.

Contact Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain and Fleet Services departments provide the following services:

Strategic Sourcing Materials Management Fleet Services
  • Contract Administration
  • Governance
  • Major Category Sourcing
  • Purchasing Systems
  • Purchasing
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Inventory Management
  • Investment Recovery
  • Logistics, Trans, Freight
  • Materials Forecasting
  • Materials Planning
  • Warehousing
  • Availability and Reliability
  • Fleet Asset Management
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Replacement Management
  • Standardization
  • Utilization Management

The following are the people to contact:

Supply Chain and Fleet Services Phone Email
William Mastoris
VP Supply Chain/Fleet

Strategic Sourcing Phone Email
Debra Knee
Manager – Strategic Sourcing
414-221-2644 Debbie.Knee@WE-ENERGIES.COM
Dori Naef
Manager – Procurement
414-221-4402 Dori.Naef@WE-ENERGIES.COM
Rob Rydzewski
Manager - Contract Administration/Services
Purchasing Agents

Materials Management Phone Email
Kelly Kuffel
Director - Materials Management & Warehousing
Bert Vanden Langenberg
Manager - Materials Management
Lisa Yurchak
Investment Recovery Analyst

Fleet Services Phone Email
Tim Harteau
Director - Fleet Services
Brian Bulkowski
Purchasing Agent - Fleet Operations