The former Integrys Energy Group and its operating companies were recently acquired and now do business as WEC Energy Group. Suppliers and individuals seeking employment may use the links below to find information about working with Michigan Gas Utilities, Minnesota Energy Resources, North Shore Gas, Peoples Gas and Wisconsin Public Service.


Related Information

Our Internship Program is partnership between the company, you and your college or university. It's designed to enrich your formal education by alternating periods of study (or summer vacation!) with periods of meaningful work.

It's a "professional-in-training" program, giving career opportunities to qualified students. The success of this partnership depends upon good will and professionalism.

Sample of Our Intern and Co-Op Student Events

  • New Employee Orientation
  • "Welcome and Brand U - The Real World" Workshop and Cookout
  • Team-Building Ropes Course
  • "Communication Essentials" Workshop
  • "Utility 101" Brown Bag Workshop
  • "Taste of the City" Event
  • "Community Involvement" Volunteer Event
  • Interview/Resume Critique Workshop
  • Outing to a Local Baseball Game
  • Plant or Facility Tour
  • End-of-Summer Event