Student Employment

Student Employment

Students may provide temporary help for our companies in the summer or year-round. They also help themselves by earning money for school along with great work experience.

What Should You Know Before You Apply?

  • Openings are for students pursuing technical, associate, bachelor or master degrees.
  • As a student, you won't necessarily work in your field of study. Students usually help us by doing clerical, administrative or labor-type work.
  • Summer student positions are typically posted between January and March.
  • Year-round student positions are posted as they become available.
  • Summer student employees work for 3 to 4 months during the summer.
  • Year-round student employees works a pre-determined number of hours each week while attending school. They usually work for the entire 12 months of the year.
  • Other requirements apply. See "Requirements for Student Employees," below, for more details.

Requirements for Student Employees

Student eligibility is based on a number of documents that will be required as a part of the selection and continued performance management process including, but not limited to, unofficial transcripts submitted at least annually, application data and any medical/physical testing documented results.

  • Students must be enrolled as a part-time/full-time student pursuing a technical, associate, bachelor or master degree.
  • Students must be age 18 or older, a high school graduate, or GED/HSED, and continuing post-high school education.
  • Account(s) with the Company must not be delinquent, or if the account is delinquent, the student must be actively making payments under the terms of a deferred payment arrangement or have paid 50% of the delinquent balance.
  • Students must be authorized to work in the U.S. on a permanent basis.
  • Students must be eligible for rehire if they are returning students.
  • Students must successfully complete a drug screen, background check and physical testing as a part of the selection process.
  • Students' eligibility for employment is based on ongoing performance. Participation in this program is considered employment at will.
  • The maximum number of summers/years that a student can be employed is six.

Things to Consider When Applying

  • Contact Information provided should be where the Recruiter can locate you.
  • Provide a Resume (You can upload, copy, or type one).
  • Read the application questions carefully to ensure an accurate response (Missing or incomplete data may prevent you from moving forward).
  • Have actual education and employment details and dates before beginning the application process (Missing or incomplete data may prevent you from moving forward).