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Upper Peninsula Power Company

For Release: 09/21/2004

UPPCO Rolls Out New Renewable Energy Program

NatureWise® makes it possible to purchase energy from renewable sources

HOUGHTON, MI – Do you believe that investing in a greener tomorrow is the right thing to do today? Are you looking for a simple way to help the environment and preserve resources for future generations? If you’re an electric customer of Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO), NatureWise® may be just what you’re looking for.

For a few dollars a month, NatureWise enables you to buy “blocks” of electricity generated with renewable resources to add to UPPCO’s energy mix. Your purchase helps reduce reliance on coal and natural gas while still producing the electricity you and your neighbors need.

NatureWise energy is sold in 100 kilowatthour blocks for $4.00 a block. (This charge is in addition to the standard electric charge.) You may purchase as many blocks as you wish, but all purchases must be in whole blocks. No contract is required, and you may cancel at any time.

The current mix of NatureWise energy is generated using wind power, as well as biomass from landfills and manure digesters. Wind power does not pollute the air or water, does not create any waste products, and does not produce any greenhouse gases. Biomass energy converts waste from farms and landfills to produce valuable green electricity. This benefits the environment, because using the methane from waste products as a fuel is better than releasing the methane into the air or burning it off. NatureWise also saves resources for the future. Over a year’s time, each block (100 kilowatt-hours per month) of NatureWise energy that you purchase saves 1,000 pounds of coal.

UPPCO purchases the NatureWise energy from its sister utility, Wisconsin Public Service. As more UPPCO customers request NatureWise energy, UPPCO will add more renewable electricity to the mix and will consider purchasing from generating sources in the Upper Peninsula.

An insert describing the NatureWise program, including an enrollment form, is being sent to all UPPCO customers with their September bills. You can get also get more information or enroll in NatureWise over the phone - residential customers may call UPPCO’s 24-hour customer service number at 800-562-7680. A special program is available for business customers – just call the Business Information Center at 800-337-8445.

For a more complete description of the program and answers to frequently asked questions, visit UPPCO’s Web site at and click on the NatureWise link under Electric Rates.

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