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For Release: 01/31/2007

Peoples Energy Has Tips to Keep Chicagoans Warm During Winter's Frigid Blast

CHICAGO, IL – Peoples Energy is keeping Chicagoans warm today, even as the temperatures fall to ten degrees with a wind chill that makes it feel like it's four degrees below zero. Weather forecasters predict highs in the 20's or high teens into the weekend, with lows at zero or above.

Customers can take several steps to keep their heating bills down, while keeping their body temperatures up. Peoples Energy's Web site,, has tips on conservation, weatherproofing your home and getting financial assistance to pay your gas bill if you need it.

Viewers will learn about energy conservation techniques, financial assistance resources and bill management options to help residents lower gas bills this winter.

  • Keep your thermostat between 65 and 70 degrees; when you leave your home or go to sleep, dial it down.
  • Keep your blinds open during sunny days to let the warmth in and close them on nights like tonight to help insulate your windows from the cold.
  • To keep warm air from seeping out of your house, use weather stripping around door frames, and caulk and seal around plumbing pipes, window frames and doors.
  • Install foam insulation under outlet covers.

Peoples Energy encourages low-income customers to seek financial assistance if they think they will have difficulty paying their natural gas bills this winter. Customers facing financial difficulty should apply for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). To apply for LIHEAP, Peoples Gas customers should call CEDA at 1-312-456-4100, and North Shore Gas customers call the LCCA at 1-847-249-4330.

While LIHEAP helps many of our customers each year, funding should be increased from last year's $3.2 billion to help avert a potential crisis in Illinois as high energy prices and the growing number of households living near the poverty level are set to converge. Peoples Energy representatives are in Washington D.C. today and tomorrow lobbying federal lawmakers to increase the funding for this critical program to its authorized level of $5.1 billion.

The Peoples Energy's Share the Warmth fund, which is administered by the Salvation Army, is another effective program that provides one-time matching grants of up to $200 per eligible household. Customers up to 200% of the poverty level are eligible and are encouraged to apply by calling the Salvation Army at 1-773-725-1100.

Peoples Energy, a member of the S&P 500, is a diversified energy company comprised of three primary business segments: Gas Delivery, Oil and Gas Production and Energy Marketing. The Gas Delivery business serves about one million retail customers in Chicago and northeastern Illinois. Visit the Peoples Energy Web site at

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