The former Integrys Energy Group and its operating companies were recently acquired and now do business as WEC Energy Group. Suppliers and individuals seeking employment may use the links below to find information about working with Michigan Gas Utilities, Minnesota Energy Resources, North Shore Gas, Peoples Gas and Wisconsin Public Service.

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Peoples Gas North Shore Gas

For Release: 03/30/2007

Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas Encourage Customers to Apply for Financial Assistance To Help Avoid Service Disconnection

Chicago -– Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas, subsidiaries of Integrys Energy Group, Inc. (NYSE: TEG), are continuing to help customers manage natural gas bills and get the financial assistance they need to assure their natural gas service continues uninterrupted. Each year the company enters into a self-imposed moratorium on disconnections of residential heating accounts between December 1 and March 31 to ensure customers have heat during the coldest months of the year even when they are unable to pay for service. The moratorium on shutoffs for non-payment ends April 1.

"We want customers to know that there are many ways to manage their natural gas bills and avoid disconnection of service," said Rod Sierra, Vice President of Public Affairs. "There is still funding available through LIHEAP and Share the Warmth to help those who may need financial assistance to pay their gas bill."

The company regularly shares the following information with customers:

  • Payment Arrangements: Customers can pay a portion of their past due balance while making payments towards current bills. Peoples Gas customers can enroll by following the prompts when dialing 1-866-556-6601 and North Shore Gas customer can do the same by dialing 1-866-556-6004.

  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): LIHEAP provides energy grants to individuals who earn at or below 150% of the poverty level. Eligibility is based on income and family size. For more information, Peoples Gas customers should call CEDA at 1-800-571-CEDA (2332) and North Shore Gas customers should call the Community Action Partnership of Lake County at 1-847-249-4330.

  • The Share the Warmth Program: Share the Warmth offers eligible customers a matching grant of up to $200. These grants are funded through donations from the City of Chicago, customers, employees and Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas. For more information, customers can contact the Salvation Army at 1-773-725-1100.

  • Financial Assistance: Customers may be eligible for tax relief and other financial assistance programs administered by the city, state and federal governments. Customers can contact the Chicago Tax Assistance Center at1-312-744-1000 or 311.

  • Budget Payment Plan: This plan helps keep bills consistent throughout the year. Customers can visit to enroll.

Customers who have not paid their gas bills for more than two months are eligible for disconnection of service. Disconnection only occurs after written contact by the company. In many instances, the company also attempts to contact customers by telephone to encourage them to make payment arrangements. Once disconnected for non-payment, customers are required to pay the full balance of the account, plus a security deposit and a reconnection charge.

About Integrys Energy Group, Inc.
Integrys Energy Group, Inc. (NYSE: TEG), headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a holding company for energy related subsidiaries which includes regulated utilities and nonregulated subsidiaries.

The six regulated utilities consist of:

  • Peoples Gas is a natural gas utility serving more than 840,000 customers in the City of Chicago.
  • Wisconsin Public Service Corporation is a regulated electric and natural gas utility serving more than 429,000 electric customers and 312,000 natural gas customers in northeastern Wisconsin and an adjacent portion of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
  • Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation is a natural gas utility serving approximately 207,000 customers throughout Minnesota.
  • Michigan Gas Utilities Corporation is a natural gas utility serving approximately 166,000 customers in lower Michigan.
  • North Shore Gas Company is a natural gas utility serving 158,000 customers in the northern suburbs of Chicago.
  • Upper Peninsula Power Company is an electric utility that serves approximately 52,000 customers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

The nonregulated subsidiaries include:

  • Integrys Energy Services, Inc., is a diversified nonregulated energy supply and services company serving commercial, industrial and wholesale customers and aggregated groups of residential customers. Its principal market is the northeast quadrant of the United States and adjacent portions of Canada. Its principal operations are in Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin in the United States and Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec in Canada. Integrys Energy Services also owns and/or operates nonregulated electric generation facilities.
  • Peoples Energy Production Company is primarily engaged in the acquisition and development of proven onshore natural gas reserves with upside potential in a limited number of strategic supply basins. Value is then added through drilling programs, production enhancements and reservoir optimization.

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