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Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation

For Release: 12/19/2007

Snow Buildup Could Cause Carbon Monoxide Problems

Snow and ice are making gas meters difficult to read, too.

Rosemount, MN – Customers with new high-efficiency furnaces and water heaters that vent through the wall (not into a chimney) should be wary of a buildup of snow or ice around the vent, according to Minnesota Energy Resources. “The newer equipment provides great savings in terms of efficiency,” said Dave Perron, spokesperson for the company, “but a blocked vent could cause improper burning and could lead to an accumulation of carbon monoxide in the home.” He said customers should check the outside vents just to make sure they aren’t covered with snow or ice.

Customers who experience flu-like symptoms only when at home should arrange for a carbon monoxide check from their local emergency agency immediately. While Minnesota law requires carbon monoxide detectors in new homes and apartments, customers who aren’t already using a detector should strongly consider purchasing one, said the company.

Snow and ice cause potential meter problems:

  • Minnesota Energy Resources is also asking customers to clear a path to their gas meter, if possible, to ensure the safety of the meter and to help meter readers complete their day’s routes. A frozen meter could also result in disruptions in energy service.
  • Customers should also clear snow and ice from the meter and check to see if icicles are forming above the meter. Large icicles could cause meter damage and potential service interruption if they break and fall onto meters.

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