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Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation

For Release: 03/13/2008

Minnesota Energy Resources Completes Repairs on System

Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation (MERC) reports that the source of the natural gas leak in the 800 block of 36th Street S.W. was located and repairs were completed Wednesday evening (March 12). Most homes were energized following the reconstruction after 10:00pm Wednesday night.

The neighborhood continues to be evaluated and checked by the utility to monitor the levels. Six homes are still being monitored as MERC is testing gas levels. Ventilators are on site to remove the gas in the confined area to assure the area is safe.

“We’re just ventilating the gas that may have remained in the ground following the repairs,” said Rory Lenton, Manager of External Affairs for MERC in Rochester. “We talked with the families and they are comfortable with spending one more night in a hotel while we clear all the natural gas from the area of those six homes.”

The American Red Cross hosted several families at the shelter during the day and MERC hosted many families at a local hotel last night.

Minnesota Energy Resources pipelines are tested and monitored to maintain a very reliable and safe system.

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