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Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation

For Release: 10/23/2008

LIHEAP Approved!

More Funding for Energy Bills

On October 1, The President signed into law additional funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Minnesota is receiving nearly $164 million to help low-income families and fixed income seniors pay their energy bills.

Rising energy costs are straining household budgets across the nation, particularly for America's most at-risk citizens — disabled veterans, fixed-income seniors and families of modest means with young children. The advent of severe weather is fueling demand.

LIHEAP Funding for Minnesota equals nearly $164 million dollars. If your income falls into the following categories for household size, you may be eligible for funding.

Energy Assistance Income Guidelines
Effective October 1, 2008 - September 30, 2009

Household Size Annual Income Monthly Wage
1 $ 21,184.00 $ 1,765.34
2 $ 27,702.18 $ 2,308.52
3 $ 34,220.34 $ 2,851.70
4 $ 40,738.50 $ 3,394.88
5 $ 47,256.66 $ 3,938.06
6 $ 53,774.82 $ 4,481.24

"We are committed to working with customers to help them meet their energy needs," said Larry Weyers, President & CEO, Integrys Energy Group. "We strongly promote weatherization and conservation to help reduce bills. We offer community outreach programs to connect customers to all available resources and provide relief to the millions of Americans who are struggling financially."

"The total is the highest ever provided for LIHEAP, nearly double the amount appropriated for FY 2008." Jim Phillippo, Manager - Customer Assistance Program - Integrys Business Support) commented, "This is an unbelievable victory, at a perfect time. It provides some relief and a safety net for the most vulnerable, amid the serious state of the economy."

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