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For Release: 02/13/2009

Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas Seek Rate Increase Due to a Number of Factors

New Rates, if Approved, Would Not Take Effect Until 2010

Chicago, IL – Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas today announced that the companies are seeking an increase in the amount they charge to deliver gas. New delivery rates, if approved, would not go into effect until 2010.

The companies are seeking to recover the increasing costs of maintaining and replacing an aging infrastructure over time and also proposing to accelerate the infrastructure replacement to more quickly achieve cost savings of a new and modernized delivery system that would benefit customers. The companies are also seeking to recover other cost increases such as employee and retiree health care and pension benefits and administrative costs.

"A convergence of factors has caused us to reluctantly seek this rate increase now," said Will Evans, president, Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas. "As leading Chicagoland companies, we must continue to invest in the infrastructure of the region, but in order to do this we must be able to recover our costs."

The last delivery rate change for Peoples and North Shore, which went into effect in February 2008, was based on 2006 costs. The new rates, if approved, would be based on 2010 costs. As a result, this rate increase reflects four years of increased costs of doing business.

"It makes sense to continue investing in our 6,000-mile natural gas delivery system now, rather than later when it will inevitably cost more. Making improvements isn't only about ensuring safety and reliability, it's also financially prudent as it is cheaper to make planned improvements now rather than emergency repairs later," said Evans.

Peoples and North Shore said that, if approved, the increases would be less than $12 a month for Peoples Gas small residential customers and less than $10 a month for North Shore Gas small residential customers.

Prior to seeking the increase, the companies said they took significant steps to contain costs. An ongoing commitment to review spending led to cost-saving measures resulting in $11.3 million in savings for Peoples customers and $1.7 million in savings for North Shore, that are reflected in current bills, through the end of 2009. In addition, due to the current economic situation the company and its customers are facing, the companies said they are conducting a comprehensive company-wide review of all spending, capital and operations, and maintenance expenses and are in the process of implementing other cost-saving measures. These savings are not yet reflected in the rate increase application, but will be reflected before the rates go into effect in 2010. These measures include:

  • Hiring freeze that restricts increasing positions unless they are directly related to maintaining safety and reliability of the delivery system.
  • Eliminating salary increases for senior officers and board members.

The companies said they would continue their long history of working with community organizations, elected officials and others to help low- and fixed-income residents meet their energy needs. In addition to payment arrangements that allow struggling customers to pay down their bills over time, the companies work with customers to share resources for grants to help pay bills, fund the Share the Warmth program that provides matching grants to at-risk customers, and supports programs that help customers understand and off-set the costs of better managing and lowering their energy needs.

About Peoples Gas

Peoples Gas is a regulated natural gas delivery company that serves 840,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the City of Chicago. The company is a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group, Inc (NYSE: TEG). For more information on Peoples Gas, visit

About North Shore Gas

North Shore Gas is a regulated natural gas delivery company that serves 158,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in 54 communities in Northeastern Illinois. The company is a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group, Inc. (NYSE: TEG). For more information on North Shore Gas visit

About Integrys Energy Group, Inc.

Integrys Energy Group, Inc (NYSE: TEG) is an energy holding company headquartered in Chicago, IL, with regulated subsidiary utilities in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, serving about 2 million customers. Integrys Energy Services is a non-regulated energy company serving wholesale electric and natural gas markets primarily in the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada. For more information, visit

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