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Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation

For Release: 03/12/2010


Flooded Home Precautions

With the large amount of snow that fell this winter, the ground in our area is saturated with moisture. With spring rains on their way, make sure you know how to stay safe should flooding occur in your home:

  • Safety First. Avoid going into a flooded basement or stepping into the water. Be sure to have the natural gas and electricity turned off, preferably at the meter, by calling your utility companies or your local fire department.
  • Dry Up. Drain the area using either a gasoline-powered water pump located outside your home or an electric pump connected to an electrical source not impacted by the flood waters.
  • Use Your Nose. If you smell natural gas, leave immediately. Leave doors and windows open, do not operate gas or electric appliances and call Minnesota Energy Resources' 24-Hour Gas Emergency number at 800-889-4970.
  • Check It Out. Hire a contractor to inspect everything exposed to floodwater. This is especially important for gas or electric appliances such as furnaces, hot water heaters and dryers. Utilities will usually not restore service unless these items have been inspected and are safe for your use.

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