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Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation

For Release: 09/23/2010

Floods in Southern Minnesota

Rochester MN - Many customers have natural gas meters turned off due to the high flood waters in southern Minnesota. Minnesota Energy Resources crews are working to turn-off affected meters - DO NOT turn your meter on once it has been turned off. Minnesota Energy crews will be by to turn on your meter after the flood waters recede. Please be patient.


To ensure the safety of our customers, the following procedures have been put into place in order to have your natural gas services reinstated after the flood:

  • Electrical service must be restored to your home or business prior to the restoration of natural gas service.
  • Do not attempt to turn on your natural gas service yourself. A Minnesota Energy Resources representative will need to inspect the natural gas piping and appliances in your home first.
  • Any natural gas appliances that have been submerged in water above the level of the appliance valve will need to be replaced before gas service can be restored. Typically a natural gas water heater’s appliance valve would be under water if the water depth was 12” or more at the appliance. For a natural gas furnace, the appliance valve could be located anywhere from a few inches to a few feet above floor level.
  • Minnesota Energy Resources will not make repairs to any appliance that has been submerged by flood water.
  • Appliances submerged by flood water will not be covered by Service Choice contract plans.

To have natural gas service restored to your home or business please call our 24 hour number: 1-800-889-9508.

For More Information, Contact:

  • Rory Lenton
  • Ann Carlon
  • Media Hotline