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For Release: 09/24/2010

Minnesota Energy Resources Advises Customers on Safety Measures After a Flood


Rochester, MN - Heavy rainfall over the past few days has resulted in Minnesota Energy Services to shut off many natural gas meters for the safety of its customers. Minnesota Energy wants to make sure customers know how to stay safe should flooding occur in their home or business and during clean up.

To ensure the safety of our customers, the following procedures have been put into place:

  • To have natural gas service restored to your home or businesses after floodwaters recede, call Minnesota Energy Resources, 24 hours a day, at 1-800-889-9508 to schedule an appointment.
  • If customers smell natural gas, leave the home immediately, go to a safe location and then call the Minnesota Energy emergency number: 1-800-889-4970 any time 24 hours a day.
  • Do not attempt to turn on your natural gas service yourself. Electrical service must be restored to your home or business prior to the restoration of natural gas service.
  • Minnesota Energy Resources will not make repairs or restore natural gas service to any appliance that has been submerged. Any gas control that has been submerged is unfit for continued use.
  • Prior to natural gas service restoration, a Minnesota Energy Resources representative will need to inspect the natural gas piping in your home or business to ensure your safety. This inspection will be no charge to Minnesota Energy Resources customers.
  • Natural gas service can be restored to the home by disconnecting any appliances previously submerged and capping fuel lines.
  • Appliances submerged by flood water are excluded from repair or replacement coverage under Minnesota Energy Resources appliance protection plans.

For more safety tips, please log onto the Minnesota Energy Resource website

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