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Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

For Release: 12/15/2010

Wisconsin River Power Company is Updating Emergency Action Plans for its Hydroelectric Dams in the Central Wisconsin

Green Bay, WI – In the coming months, Wisconsin River Power Company (WRPCO) will work with local county Emergency Government Agencies to ensure that residents and other users of the water below dams understand the need to be prepared to evacuate the area in extreme circumstances. WRPCO expects to complete updating it EAPs in 2011.

"Our facilities are maintained in accordance with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission safety standards, however we are working through local emergency management to better assure that the public is prepared for an unlikely, however potential, flood event" said Bruce Crocker, Superintendent of Regional Generation. "It's like being prepared in the event of a tornado or other unlikely event."

Crocker said that residents and other waterway users in river basins or downstream of major dams should have an evacuation route planned that avoids low lying areas, have a battery-operated weather radio (which could provide advance warnings and updated river flow information), flashlights, etc. in the event that power goes out.

Here are the details of the areas that could be impacted by a sudden, unanticipated water release from WRPCO hydroelectric dams along the Wisconsin River in central Wisconsin:

  • Petenwell – Adams and Juneau Counties. Properties within 1/4 miles of the river from the dam to about 21 miles downstream (U.S. Hwy 82 – including Castle Rock Lake).
  • Castle Rock – Adams and Juneau Counties. Properties within 1/4 miles of the river to about 13 miles downstream.

After working with local emergency officials to refine its plans, WPS will pass along that information to residents.

For More Information, Contact:

  • Bruce Crocker
    Superintendent - Regional Generation
  • Media Hotline