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For Release: 06/08/2012

Minnesota Energy Resources Reminder on Home Improvement Contractor Solicitations

Rosemount, MN - Minnesota Energy Resources (MERC), a natural gas utility company, reminds customers that they do not endorse, recommend nor are they affiliated with any home contractor services that may solicit home improvement services door-to-door. MERC has been made aware of a few recent instances where insulation contractors have been going door-to-door claiming to be "agents of MERC." This is not true. Although a contractor may provide rebate information to customers, MERC does not authorize any contractor to state they represent Minnesota Energy Resources.

MERC recommends a good background check should be conducted of any contracted home improvement company offering services, particularly if soliciting door-to-door while canvassing a neighborhood. The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota is available and should be contacted to provide reliable background checks on a contractor's credibility or to file a concern or complaint about any contractor’s business practices. The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota can be reached at 1-651-699-1111 or 1-800-646-6222.

MERC suggests getting at least two to three bids for any major purchase or work being done prior to purchasing services from any one contractor.

If MERC customers have concerns about potential offers on energy efficiency program rebates or related contracted services necessary to quality for rebates, they are encouraged to call or go on-line to find out more.

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