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For Release: 11/14/2012

North Shore Gas 9th Annual Team HEAT Helps Residents in Zion, IL Prepare for Winter

WAUKEGAN, IL. -North Shore Gas employees who work to provide residents with safe and reliable natural gas service throughout the year will be welcomed into customers' homes on Saturday, November 10 for the company’s 9th Annual Team H.E.A.T. (Home Energy Assistance Together), a community service winterization project to help residents manage their energy costs.

One of North Shore Gas' most popular community service projects, employee volunteers are looking to weatherize approximately 30 homes of senior citizens and low-income residents to help them prepare for winter. "Weatherization is a great tool of energy efficiency," said Adrienne L. Jones, director, Government Affairs. Approximately 20 employees will work in teams to apply weather stripping around doors, caulk open spaces and drafts around doors and windows and apply plastic sheeting over windows to seal out drafts.

To ensure residents have important information to help keep them warm and safe North Shore Gas will also provide each homeowner with a winter preparation and safety package, which includes the following items:

  • Carbon Monoxide detector, courtesy of FIRST ALERT
  • Peoples Gas brochure containing vital information about Energy Efficiency, Managing Energy Costs and Seeking Financial Assistance to help with energy bills
  • Safety Brochure
Winterizing your home is a great tool in reducing energy usage and North Shore Gas offers a few more tips to help customers manage their energy costs:
  • Search your house for leaky ducts and insulate rooms like the garage, attic or cellar.
  • Reverse the setting on your ceiling fan from summertime and operate it at a low speed to bring warm air down where you need it.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat. The savings tally to nearly $200.00 a year. (Customers may have one installed for free by calling (855) 849-8928)
  • Change or clean your furnace filter at least once per month. Clogged filters inhibit airflow and make your furnace work harder.
  • Open blinds or drapes to let the sun in. At night, close them to help insulate your home from the cold.
  • Don’t heat space you don't use. Close vents and shut doors in unused rooms.

North Shore Gas is also encouraging customers to save by taking advantage of the North Shore Gas Natural Gas Savings Program which offers incentives for energy-saving upgrades to help customers better manage their energy bills. Now though November 30, 2012, owners of single-family homes and smaller multi-family buildings can get twice the normal rebates offered when they install certain types of energy-saving products. For example, the normal rebate for an energy-efficient furnace (95% AFUE) is $200. Customers, who purchase that furnace, have it installed and submit the appropriate paperwork by November 30 will receive a double rebate of $400 through the program.

For more information on the North Shore Gas Natural Gas Savings Program, as well as energy efficiency and safety tips, visit

NOTE: Volunteers will assemble at the North Shore Gas Headquarters, 3001 Grand Avenue in Waukegan before heading out to Zion, IL.

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