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For Release: 04/05/2013

Peoples Gas Reminds Residents to Call Before You Dig

April is "Safe Digging" Month

Chicago, IL – Spring has finally arrived and while residents may rejoice in the warmer temperatures that are expected during the next few days, Peoples Gas wants to remind its customers that the warmer temperatures and the increasing hours of daylight mark the start of the digging season as well.

April is National Safe Digging Month and the time of year when construction and improvement projects go into high gear. It's also the time when many residents begin their landscaping projects which may include the uprooting of trees and the installation of underground sprinklers. The utility is encouraging contractors, workers and residents to make sure that they follow pipeline safety procedures and be aware of natural gas pipelines buried underneath their property, before they begin to dig. In certain cases, natural gas pipelines can be only a few inches from the surface and easy striking distance even for shallow digging projects.

Anyone planning work that involves digging in Chicago is required to call DIGGER at 312-744-7000 at least 48 hours before beginning any projects that require digging to have the buried utilities marked for free.

"Our employees and our contractors have been working diligently to complete all locates requests in a timely fashion and are always willing to refresh marks when needed," said Bill Houghton, Jr., general supervisor, Operations, System Integrity.

Peoples Gas recently joined a host of companies, agencies, project managers and equipment operators in supporting The Greater Chicago Damage Prevention Council's 15th Annual Excavator's Breakfast. Attendees of the annual meeting work together to provide information aimed at reducing damages through public awareness and safe digging practices. The utility works closely with DIGGER and The Greater Chicago Damage Prevention Council in Chicago throughout the year to help prevent damage to pipelines during construction.

Peoples Gas also provides Workforce Awareness Training to any utilities, municipality, or contractor that wants to know more about safe working conditions around natural gas facilities. The training is held on the second Tuesday of every month. Contact System Integrity Engineer, Joseph Handschiegel, at (773) 395-4230 to reserve a spot in the training or for more information.

To ensure the long-term safety and reliability of its natural gas pipeline system, Peoples Gas is in the third year of a program to upgrade its infrastructure by replacing cast iron and ductile iron main with modern polyethylene pipes. The program has Peoples Gas replacing nearly 2,000 miles of natural gas pipes, more than 40 percent of the system. To learn more about the program or to find all of the utility's pipeline safety materials, visit

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