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For Release: 05/23/2013

Building a Deck or Planting a Tree This Summer?

Call 8-1-1 at least 48 hours before you dig, says North Shore Gas.

Waukegan, IL – The upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend, the unofficial start to summer, has residents beginning to plan those long awaited summer landscaping projects. North Shore Gas wants to remind residents to follow pipeline safety procedures and call before they dig to make sure the area is clear of buried natural gas pipelines beneath the property. In certain cases, this can be only a few inches from the surface and easy striking distance even for shallow digging projects.

Summer projects could include planting trees, shrubs or bushes, the installation of underground sprinklers, building a deck or laying a patio. Anyone planning work which involves digging must call the Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators (JULIE) hotline at 811 or (800) 892-0123 at least 48 hours before planning to dig. JULIE is a not-for-profit corporation that provides contractors, excavators, homeowners, and others who may be disturbing the earth, with a free service through a single toll-free phone number, 811, to call for the locating and marking of underground utility facilities. JULIE 811 alerts utility members in the area of your intent to dig. The buried utilities will be marked for free. Even if it's a temporary project like pounding stakes for graduation party tents, it requires a call to 811 or the DIGGER Hotline before your project begins.

The 8-1-1 number is a one-call, coordinated, nationwide underground utility location system whose purpose is to keep everyone safe. Location specialists will come to your home, locate, and mark all underground utility services in your yard free of charge. At least two working days are required for locates prior to beginning a digging project.

Nationwide, a utility line is damaged by digging once every three minutes and one-third of these incidents are caused by failure of the homeowner or professional excavator to call 8-1-1. NSG says the misconception is most home owners think the JULIE hotline only applies to those who use large power digging equipment. The unfortunate result may be serious injuries and disruption to electric or natural gas service to entire neighborhoods.

NSG has approximately 2,330 miles of underground distribution and transportation natural gas pipeline in located in 54 communities within the northern suburbs of Chicago. Calling 8-1-1 or (800) 892-0123 well in advance of your project start date to get locates done, will help ensure you can start your projects safely as planned.

For more information or to find all of the utility’s pipeline safety materials, please visit our website at

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