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Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation

For Release: 10/22/2013

Be safe and save money! Minnesota Energy Resources offers Home Heating Tips to get ready for winter

Rosemount, MN- The heating season is long and your heating equipment will be working hard to ensure the contentment of living in a warm, efficient and safe home this winter.

An inspection and tune up of your heating system by a qualified technician is recommended and can save customer's money by ensuring the furnace is operating safely and efficiently.

Other heating tips include:

  • Clean or replace your furnace filter as needed (follow manufacturer's guidelines).
  • Check the flame in the burner to make sure it's blue. A yellow flame may indicate the need for adjustment.
  • Check your chimney flues for corrosion and make sure all vents are clear of any blockage or debris.
  • Keep the area around your furnaces, boilers and water heaters clear. Do not store flammable liquids or other combustibles nearby.

Visit the Minnesota Energy Resources' website for additional information on "Safety" and "Saving Energy."

If customers are considering the purchase of new heating equipment or appliances, Minnesota Energy Resources reminds customers to check with the dealer to see if there are energy efficiency rebates available.

To ensure safety while your heating system is operating, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, as well as smoke detectors should be in good working condition. Check batteries and test each unit. Properly placed CO and smoke detectors in the home can save lives.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that can come from any inadequately burned and vented fuel sources, including water heaters, furnaces, ranges/stoves, clothes dryers, grills, fireplaces and portable generators.

Chimneys and vents can become plugged due to bird and small animal nests and leaves. A thorough annual inspection is a good idea to ensure proper ventilation is taking place while heating equipment is operating.

Some homeowners include portable or space heaters to complement heating their residence. Portable heaters come in many shapes and sizes and come with manufacturer's recommended instructions for safe operations. They can be dangerous if not properly used. Keep any type of combustibles away from the heating element of portable heaters.

Call Minnesota Energy Resources at 800 889-9508 with questions.

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