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North Shore Gas

For Release: 01/24/2014

Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas Report Instances of Utility Scam

Callers threaten disconnection if payment not made quickly

Chicago, IL – Scammers posing as utility company employees have been contacting small businesses and residential energy customers of Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas in a variety of scams attempts that have gained widespread notoriety in the past year as victims surfaced across the country. While the versions of the scam may differ slightly, they all threaten service disconnection if payment isn’t made within hours.

Here's how they work:

Someone calls a customer requesting money for delinquent accounts (or for businesses to upgrade meters) or service will be disconnected. The scammers are even clever enough to disguise their call ID to indicate it is the utility company calling. In all calls there is a request for payment within hours, generally by prepaid debit cards (Money Packs or Green Dot cards, for example). Customers are told to call back with the cards numbers after they are purchased. In rare instances, customers are told to get the cash together and someone will pick it up.

Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas will never ask for prepaid cards as payment on an account. They do not pick up cash payments. And customers are never called out of the blue about delinquent accounts.

If customers are contacted in this manner, they can help by:

  • Calmly write down any information the caller provides. Take note of the call date and time, caller ID, a description of the caller and any details revealed to you by the caller. DO NOT provide any private information or banking information.
  • Contact your utility to verify if this was a legitimate call.
  • If not, call the police to report the scam.

For More Information, Contact:

  • Media Hotline
    (800) 977-2250