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Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation

For Release: 06/19/2014

Minnesota Energy Resources Offers Flood Tips to Natural Gas Customers

Rochester, MN – Recent downpours have caused flooding in the backyards and basements of homeowners throughout Southern and central Minnesota. Minnesota Energy Resources gas crews are on stand-by if gas service needs to be shut off to secure the safety of neighborhoods and residents. Minnesota Energy officials said residents who are experiencing flooding situations in their homes should follow these simple steps to keep their families safe:

  • Safety First. Don't step in floodwater. Do not go into the basement until your gas service and electricity have been turned off. Call the Minnesota Energy 24-hour gas emergency number at 800-889-4970 to arrange for turning off your natural gas. Call the electricity provider to disconnect power before entering a flooded basement.

  • Dry Up. Drain the area using a gasoline-powered water pump located outside your home, or an electric pump connected to an outside line.

  • Use Your Nose. If you smell natural gas, leave immediately. Don't operate gas or electric appliances. Call the Minnesota Energy Resources 24-hour gas emergency number at 800-889-4970 from your mobile phone or a neighbor's home.

  • Check It Out. Hire a qualified contractor to inspect appliances such as gas furnaces, water heaters and dryers. Minnesota Energy Resources can restore service to your home when these items have been inspected and are safe for you to use.

Minnesota Energy Resources continue to work with city and country officials to monitor the flooding situation and its effect on communities. Please visit our website at

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