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News Releases

Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

For Release: 09/05/2017

WPS to begin upgrading Minocqua natural gas distribution system in September

As part of its commitment to providing safe and reliable service, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) will begin work to upgrade its natural gas distribution system in Minocqua this month.

The system upgrades will include the installation of two-and-a-half miles of new natural gas distribution mains and several service pipelines throughout the city. The project will begin on Cedar Street on the city's east side, and is expected to end near the intersection of Oneida Street and East Park Avenue in mid-December. Digging and excavating will be necessary to install the new pipelines, but WPS will restore any impacted roadways or landscaping to their pre-construction state after work in each area has been completed.

WPS has informed property owners and local businesses located along the project route of the work that is scheduled to take place. The location of private underground facilities, such as sprinkler systems or private natural gas lines, must be provided to WPS as a safety precaution before the new mains and service lines can be installed.

InterCon Construction, a utility engineering and construction company, has been contracted by WPS to perform the distribution system upgrades. WPS and InterCon will work throughout the project to minimize the impact of construction to homes and businesses.

Residents with questions about the project can contact WPS at 800-242-9772, while business customers can call 800-444-0888. When calling, please reference work request No. 2344561.

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