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Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

For Release: 09/27/2017

WPS warning businesses, residents to be alert after sharp spike in scam calls

Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) is strongly urging businesses and residents to be mindful of a sharp surge in scam phone calls. In the past 24 hours, more than 100 phone scam attempts have been made by people impersonating WPS employees in order to fraudulently obtain money.

The scammers have targeted a variety of businesses throughout our service area, with the majority of calls being placed to customers in Green Bay. In one case, a business fell victim to the scam and paid hundreds of dollars.

In some instances, scammers have managed to disguise their calls by getting authentic company numbers to appear on caller ID or by playing a recording of our company greeting. Similar to other scam attempts, callers have contacted WPS customers claiming they need to make payments or their power will be disconnected in as soon as an hour. The scammers also have told some customers to make fraudulent payments using a prepaid card (e.g., MoneyPak or Green Dot cards).

WPS strongly emphasizes that its employees never require customers to pay utility bills with prepaid cards. WPS also will not solicit payment from a customer in a threatening manner. Customers are reminded to never provide any banking, account or private information if they receive a suspicious call.

Customers who receive suspicious calls are urged to contact the WPS 24-hour customer service line immediately at 800-450-7260. WPS employees will verify if a customer has received a legitimate call from the energy company, and also can verify a customer's account status.

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